For many of us taking a newborn to the beach is something we look forward to. Those weeks before the due date are spent joyfully anticipating idyllic days in the sun, relaxing on the sand with a precious little baby (who would probably be sleeping peacefully in our arms right?). Little did we know that taking a newborn to the beach is more like a military operation than a relaxing vacay!

But do you know what? With a bit of trial and error, and a bit of experience, many parents find little life hacks that make taking a newborn to the beach as easy and idyllic as they had hoped. These handy baby beach hacks will give you a head-start on enjoying relaxing days out at the beach with your newborn.


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What age can I take my baby to the beach?

The simple answer to this question is that it’s safe to take your newborn to the beach whenever you feel ready. It’s important to rest-up and let your body recover after giving birth, so don’t feel like you need to push yourself to get out and about. But if you want to take a trip to the beach with your newborn, go for it

Feeding on the beach

Of course, the number one consideration for taking a newborn to the beach is keeping them fed. If you’re formula feeding, ready made cartons of formula are an absolute godsend for beach trips. 

For new mums who are learning the art of breastfeeding for the first time, feeding on the beach may seem daunting. Lying down on a blanket or in a beach tent to breastfeed your newborn is the most comfortable and relaxing way to feed at the beach (it really is lovely!). But if you don’t feel confident doing that and you don’t have a chair to sit on, try leaning against a friend’s back, or ask your partner to support you in their arms - to become a human armchair if you will! 

Sun safety

The best way to protect your baby’s delicate skin from the sun is to keep them in the shade. Babies under 6 months should be kept out of direct sunlight and sun lotion isn’t recommended because of the fragility and permeability of their skin. So dress your baby in light clothes that cover their limbs and a cute little sunhat. Find a space in the shade, or use a parasol to keep the sun’s rays off your baby. 

Our Cabana Kit is a brilliant baby beach hack for taking a newborn to the beach. It attaches to the Deluxe+ dock and includes a retractable UV-protected shade of 50+ SPF that shields baby’s skin and eyes from the sun.

The easiest way to remove wet sand

The great thing about taking a newborn to the beach is that they can’t crawl around and cover themselves in wet sand. But this easy baby beach hack may come in handy when they’re older, or even for removing wet sand from yourself. Dust talc-free baby powder in all those sandy nooks and crannies and the wet sand will brush-off effortlessly. Magic!

Ditch the stroller

Unless it has off-road wheels, don’t even try taking your stroller for a walk on the beach. It’s far easier to carry your newborn in your arms, or if you like having your arms free, use a baby carrier. Baby carriers with mesh panels are especially good for hot days at the beach, enabling air to circulate around your baby and preventing them from overheating. 

Keep it short

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And no new parent became an expert at looking after small babies straight away! Don’t aim for a full day on your very first trip to the beach with your newborn. Perhaps you could aim to spend half an hour or so on the beach and then head to a nearby cafe where comfy seats, cold drinks and diaper-changing facilities are on hand.